QAQF has Created a rating system for private and public institution globally to provide a comprehensive scrutiny at the institutions,

enabling them to standardise and unify education system. This rating system best identify specific topics and new fundamentals for educational institutions to be at their best. We are mostly interested to provide an education rating that measures the following ten (10) set of classifications/categories:

1. Set of new skills
2. Innovation
3. Employability
4. Research
5. Communication/ language
6. Social
7. Ecological
8. Reflective
9. Academic strength
10. Artificial Intelligence/ Technology

QAQF Education rating system understands that educational instructional and establishments have distinctive features to one another and therefore, QAQF has taken an individual approach to assess on a range of categories that recognises different strengths and characteristics within organisation. However, we would keep a standardised methodology in assessing the institution in rating them. It also recognizes that each student is looking for something different, and not all educational institutions – even the highest ranked institutions – suit every student.

Using QAQF Education rating system enable seekers of future program to understand and make good choice of selecting educational institution that have well performed against a number of comprehensive list of indicators, allowing the learners to match their interests with great considerations.

After careful evaluation in diverse indicators across the listed ten (10) set of categories above, the educational institutions assessed, will be awarded with an overall start result ranging from 0 to 5+ stars rating, depending on the score achieved through the evaluation.